Exterior Hand Wash & 3-Step Wax

  • Hull is cleaned using specialty cleaners to remove browning
  • Boats exterior is washed by hand using a cotton mitt
  • A Clay Bar is applied to remove paint contaminants
  • Vehicle exterior is dried by hand using a micro fiber chamois
  • Wheels and wheel wells are degreased and cleaned
  • One layer of CARNAUBA and One layer of POLYMER is applied to give your boat's finish the highest level of protection


Machine Polish

  • Boat's finish is buffed to remove minor scratches and blemishes in the gelcoat
  • Windows are cleaned inside and out
  • Tires are dressed with a Water based dressing for optimum shine



  • Top half of compartment degreased and cleaned
  • Engine dressing applied to engine and all belts and hoses


Starting at $10 Per Linear Foot

Prices my vary base on initial Evaluation of your vehicle some vehicles my need extra steps to insure the best results and may have additional cost.