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Our 3 Step Paint Correction With PAINT SEALANT and iso2 technology Removes Up To 95% Of Paint Swirls And Imperfections


This brand new formulation produces deep, vibrant color and a clear wet look.

provides outstanding water beading and protection against corrosion, oxidation, UV rays and surface contaminants.

resin reinforced formula builds incredible protection and reduces surface tension, preventing dirt, water and other fallout to attach to the surface.

Water simply beads up and sheets off the paint month after month after month.

blended with resins as its primary form of protection making it one of the most unique paint sealants on the market and will form a long lasting durable bond with the surface..

If you’re looking for a paint sealant that will truly last month after month, yet still delivers that wet look shine, Look no further.


  • Vehicle is washed & prepped
  • Your vehicles paint receives a decontamination of all industrial fallout that has built up over time,  
  • This is properly done using an iron deposit remover followed by a clay bar treatment that is gentle on the paint, yet strong enough to remove build-up to leave a smooth to the touch surface. 
  • 2 step polishing system to achieve the highest gloss using rupes bigfoot polishers
  • Professionally applied paint sealant, which bonds to vehicle finish Fortified with crosslinking polymers
  • A premium SiO2 (silica dioxide) is applied to your vehicles paint finish to enhance the shine as well as protection 
  • This detail is for car owners who love their vehicles and want to preserve their car looking like a new and keep the resale value. We recommend this service once a year

All Newer well-maintained vehicles $349.00

Call Today for more Info.

There will be an upcharge for heavily neglect vehicles upon inspeection

Add-on $150 for Interior Detail

Add-on $75 for headlight restoration


Before And After