Exterior Hand Wash (Roof Included)

  • RV's exterior is washed by hand using a mitt with 100% Lorene-Dynel synthetic fibers. This highly efficient, SCRATCH PROOF, double faced mitt carries an abundance of water and withstands heat, gasoline and detergents.
  • CARNAUBA SOAP is used to give your RV finish an optimum shine.
  • RV's exterior is dried by hand using a micro fiber chamois


Windows & Tire Dressing

  • Outside Windows are cleaned
  • Tires are dressed with a premium water based dressing for optimum shine. During winter months we may use a petroleum based dressing for longevity.


RV Hand Wash - $3.50 to $4.00 Per Linear Foot (Includes Roof Washing)

Prices my vary base on initial Evaluation of your vehicle some vehicles my need extra steps to insure the best results and may have additional cost.