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Nicole J.
Temecula, CA

He did a really good job

What I really like about the guy that came out from The Detail Guy was that he did a really good job from start to finish and really made this a great experience. He responded to my call and was there quickly which was really nice. He got right to work and he got the job done right. I could not be happier because he really did an excellent job. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs some detailing done.

Rudy V.
Riverside, CA

Very polite and professional

I just have to say that the guys that came and cleaned my trailer from The Detail Guy were excellent. These guys showed up when they said they would and they were very polite and professional. They explained everything which I thought was really cool and then proceeded to do a great job. They did not take all day to do the work which was really nice. They did a great job at a great price and I would definitely use them again.

Dave B.
Temecula, CA

Easy to work with, great quality work

This was the first time I had used the services of the people over at The Detail Guy and I have to say that it was a really great experience. They were very easy to work with and the whole thing was just so smooth. I had them detail my RV and they really did a great job. The quality of work and the way it was so easy to work with them, I will definitely be using them again in the future.

Carlos T.
Temecula, CA

Best RV detailer in Temecula and Murrieta

The Detail Guy is a pleasant person to work with. He has always been punctual and highly communicative between scheduling and phone calls. He detailed my RV and it looks like brand new.

Bert L.
Riverside, CA

Came out perfectly

I have to say that the guys from The Detail Guy did an amazing job for me recently. I have a class C motor home and the detail these guys did was spot on. These guys were on time and they got right to work which was great. The whole thing came out perfectly and I really could not be happier that I called these guys. If you are looking for someone to detail your car or motor home, these are the guys that you really want to do it.

Alex B.
Wildomar, CA

Tom does amazing work!

Tom at The detail Guy comes over once a month to detail my car and truck and he's always done a thorough job. Tom always takes the extra step to make sure everything is finished and I love his work. He's prompt, on time, and the prices are reasonable. He used to do my motor home and did good detailing that and I'd recommend him for any type of vehicle you need done.

Tony R.
Murrieta, CA

Did a really good job

I am really happy with the guys over at The Detail Guy because they did a really good job. My satisfaction was clearly their main focal point and I really appreciated that. They were able to do their work quickly and efficiently which was cool. When they were finished I was shocked because my car looked so good. I would definitely recommend these guys because they really do good work and they really know how to treat their customers well!

Carlos S.
Temecula, CA

Great job detailing.

The Detail Guy did an outstanding job on the car, he was here on time and has never been late since I have been using them. He really does just a great job on the detailing of cars. I have always been pleased with the results once he is done.

I would use them again in a heart beat.

Phillip G.
Murrieta, CA

Fast service, amazing detail work

I had both of my vehicles detailed by The Detail Guy and they did an excellent job. I thought they were a little pricey, but it was worth it. I would suggest shopping around before giving them a call, but if you're looking for great customer service, wonderful response time, and great detail work on your vehicles, give these guys a call.

Gary T.
Temecula, CA

Honest, professional, and thorough

I take my motor home and my automobile to The Detail Guy and they wax, wash, and detail both vehicles. They're prompt, thorough, and very professional. They always communicate the options to me and take care of the integrity of your vehicle. I like their detail work they do and when they wash my motor home it looks amazing. I highly recommend The Detail Guy.

Julie W.
San Diego, CA

They did a great job

I had the guys over at The Detail Guy do a full detail on my son's truck and boy did it look good. The guys were very quick and they made my son's truck which was absolutely filthy beforehand look like it had just been driven off the lot. I was surprised with how quickly they were able to get the work done and to say that my son and I were happy with how the truck looked would be a severe understatement. I would definitely use these guys again because they really did a truly magnificent job.

Ben L.
Nuevo, CA

You can't improve on perfection

I've used The Detail Guy several times and they do a really nice job of fixing up my vehicles. They've done detail work on my car and they also fixed up my motor home and it looks amazing. They waxed the motor home and cleaned off all of the scratches on the exterior. I was surprised with how good it turned out and their prices are competitive. I'll keep using them whenever I need detail work done on my car or motor home.

Don C.
Temecula, CA

Great work at at great price!

I think the guy over at The Detail Guy did a really great job in detailing my vehicle. My car was definitely getting pretty grungy, but this guy made my car look like it was brand new! He did such a great job cleaning out my car I almost did not believe it was mine! I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed and it was definitely money well spent. I will definitely be using this man's services again!

Bob B.
San Diego, CA


The Detail Guy was excellent. They were professional and they did their job. It turned out very good.

Dan C.
Temecula, CA

Very methodical and precise

I was really impressed with the work that Tom from The Detail Guy did for my truck. When I called him he gave me a price, and then when he came out he was very methodical with his work. You can just tell he takes pride in his work as he definitely was not skipping steps or cutting corners. While he was methodical he was also very fast in doing his processes which was cool and showed a comforting level of expertise. My truck looked amazing afterwards and it is all thanks to the hard work that Tom put in to make it so. I am very happy I called these guys and I would recommend you call them too!

Craig H.
Temecula, CA

Efficient and detail oriented

Tom from The Detail Guy came to do some work on my trailer. He took the existing paint off and waxed it and my trailer has never looked better. He was really efficient and detail oriented and I would recommend him. He did a really great job of listening to what I wanted and delivering. Their prices are fair and it was well worth it!

Pat R.
Canyon Lake, CA

Attention to detail and very thorough.

I've used The Detail Guy three times now and they show up when are supposed to and they are very thorough, beyond what you would expect really.

As far as detailing goes they are just fantastic, I had them fully detail a 40 ft. RV both inside and outside. The staff is polite, courteous and very easy to schedule with and work with.

In my opinion based on the amount of detailed work they provide, it seems to be a very good value.

Debra K.
Lake Elsinore, CA

Highly recommended.

Well The Detail Guy detailed my car, it had scratches on it and he was able to buff it out. He did a really great job and he was able to get out to me quickly and he accomdated me with the timing of it. They are very professional, I highly recommend them and I will be going to them from now on. I was using another company until now, but I was very impressed.

Gary E.
Temecula, CA

Overall, he does a great job

I have recommended The Detail Guy to numerous friends . He has done their cars and they have been very satisfied. He's always there when he says he will be and he does quality work. He is very meticulous. He is very personable and presents himself well.

Cody S.
Temecula, CA

Dependable and Great!

My experience with The Detail Guy was good. I called Tom and didn't get a chance to meet with him, but before he showed up he told me exactly what he was going to do with my boat detailing. He is a very trustworthy guy. If you call with any questions, he will answer them. He does what he says he will do and if he can't he lets you know beforehand.

Jeff S.
Temecula, CA

Great Job!

Tom from The Detail Guy did a great job. We've used them several time and they're always wonderful, prompt and competitive. I give him the highest marks on everything. We're very happy!

Joseph R.
Temecula, CA

Excellent Service

This was the second time I used The Detail Guy. Both experiences were good. He showed up when he said. He also explained spots that maybe need attention on my vehicle. Everything was good. His advertisements matched his performance. What it said on his website is what I expected and what I got.

John R.
Wildomar, CA

Fast and Thorough.

From the first moment of contact to the pack up and cleaning process, The Detail Guy did an excellent job. I emailed him my work order and he replied promptly. He showed on the date he promised at the very time he promised. He brought all of his own equipment and even provided his own water and electricity--totally self-sufficient! He did a quick and outstanding job, and was really on the ball when it came to communicating and fitting the time frames we decided on.

Pat R.
Canyon Lake, CA

Amazing Experience

The Detail Guy cleaned my motor home. He was there on time and very professional. My motor home had never been cleaner than when he left, and he provided extra services I had not anticipated but greatly appreciated. I recommend The Detail Guy for his excellent service.

Judy H.
Temecula, CA

High-quality work.

I was extremely pleased with the quality of The Detail Guy's work. My daughter had used them several times, so I thought I would give them a try. The serviceman was very thorough. He really takes the time to do an awesome job. I like that he doesn't try to hurry through it. Overall they provide great service, and I'd definitely use them again!

Michelle H.
Lake Elsinore, CA

Great attention to detail.

The Detail Guy is top-notch. They detailed my whole truck, washed it inside and out, and cleaned the carpets. Everything came out great. We've had our truck detailed before, but never like this!

Darrel E.
Hemet, CA

Super Experience!

My entire experience with The Detail Guy was great! I didn't have to wait for an appointment at all. They picked up when I rang and were able to accommodate my scheduling needs. They quoted me a very competitive price and stuck to it. The guy they sent showed up on time in a professional looking truck. He was polite, clean, and great at communicating. He was fun to work with, and I highly recommend their services.

Lake Elsinore, CA

They do a good job.

I go to The Detail Guy to get my car detailed. I would give them a higher rating if they were more readily available; sometimes it's hard to get a hold of them. Overall, though, they do a good job, and I would recommend them to other people.

Anna R.
Wildomar, CA

I will go back to them!

The Detail Guy was great! I dinged another persons car by accident and they were willing to come out and fix it. They were quick and showed up on time.

Diana C.
Murrieta, CA


They were very good.

Malcolm B.
Temecula, CA

His work is perfection.

I have a great relationship with Tom at The Detail Guy, and I'd highly recommend him. I've been working with him since 2005. I had a Ford extended van that he worked on until I sold it. He detailed my jeep, and recently he completely detailed my jeep a year ago and did some wax work on it. We also have a Toyota Avalon that he did some work on the same day. He does phenomenal work and is a great guy to talk to. He understands what you want and doesn't try to rush you off. He also does boats and classy motor homes! His products are outstanding and his work is perfection. I wouldn't go to anyone else.

Brenda H.
Temecula, CA

Attention to detail was impeccable.

The Detail Guy really lives up to its company's name. The attention to detail in the work they did for me was impeccable. They washed, waxed, and polished my 34-foot motor home, and did a fabulous job. They arrived on time and got the work done efficiently, too. This was my first time using them, and I would definitely use them again.

Ben L.
Wildomar, CA

High-quality work.

The Detail Guy came highly recommended to me when I saw the work that they had done on my friend's vehicle and was quite impressed. They take the time to do the job right and are very thorough and careful. The work is done on time, as promised. Everything turned out excellently and I'd recommend them highly.

Dianne G.
Temecula, CA

The very best.

Aside from my husband, The Detail Guy was the best thing that ever happened to me. They were very prompt and personable, estimated the cost correctly, and stuck to that price. They set me up with a semi-annual service so my service will always cost less. When they move anything they always put it all back to where it was. All in all, they really do a great job.

Rudy M.
Wildomar, CA

Very professional.

The Detail Guy is very professional and pleasant to interact with. They took their time when they fixed my boat and them seemed to use proper products. I am very happy for them!

Jason C.
Murrieta, CA

They did a good job!

The Detail Guy did a full detail on my boat and I liked that they were on time. They did a good job.

Becky C.
Wildomar, CA

Very honest!

The Detail Guy's staff is very down to earth and truthful. They did a really good job on my car.

Caroline M.
Wildomar, CA

Great service!

The people at The Detail Guy are great, and I would go to them again. I got my car detaild with them, and everything was good. They were polite, did what they said they would and in the time they had planned, and did not charge too much for their service. I was very happy with their work./p>

Brent F.
Wildomar, CA

Very good.

The Detail Guy was good because they were here on time and did what they said they would. They cleaned my motor home and did a great job.

Jeff W.
Temecula, CA

Awesome job

I was thoroughly impressed by the job that was done on the car I had detail. I will be calling again for another car. Jeff

Robin R.
Menifee, CA

'06 Toyota Corolla LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!!!!

I have a 2006 Toyota Corolla that needed some attention! I have three small children who are messy and my husband does a lot of traveling and I needed for my poor little car to get fixed up. I was referred by a friend of mine to a different detail place (that did not even bother to contact me) so I went online and took a look at detail sites. The detail guy website is professional, clear pricing list easy to use. My husband left a message and within five minutes had a call back and appointment. Kept in contact with us all day appointment day showed up early finished in a timely manner. The gentleman who came to do the detail were very nice! My car looks brand new I could not believe it when I walked outside. This was the best experience!! I highly recommend The Detail Guy for your car needs and will without a doubt stay a customer!!!

Louanne T.
Menifee, CA

Very pleasant. They're very friendly and polite. They do a really good job.

I have no complaints about The Detail Guy, I keep calling them back! I like their friendliness. He tells me what he'd recommend and he isn't pushy. They do auto detailing for me and anything else I ask for, like cleaning a rug on the inside of our motor home. That was helpful.

Dina C.
Murietta, CA

No muss and no fuss!

I've used the Detail Guy for a full detail job inside and out of my ten-year old vehicle. It looks practically new. I've also had a really thorough wash from them a couple of times. It's very convenient. They come to my house and it's done very fast.

Diana W.
Murrieta, CA

Conscientious and fast!

I called The Detail Guy when I had kind of an emergency situation when some road hazard stuff got on my brand new car. I needed someone to come to our location because I had to work, and they readily arranged the time to do it.

They are conscientious, and they do a super, good job! They're fast, and I don't have anything bad I could say about them!

Barbara J.
Temecula, CA

Nice service

I used The Detail Guy to get my car completely detailed. They also put teflon sealant in my car. They did a fabulous job with the sealant and detailing my car. My only complaint is they were late but they called before and let me know that they would be late. This was my first time using them and I will definitely use them again. Other than the fact that they were late, they did a fabulous job, are reasonably priced, and responsible.

Nancy K.
Temecula, CA

Very good!

I've been using The Detail Guy for over a year. I have two Mercedes, and I don't put them through the car wash. I selected The Detail Guy for two reasons. One, the detailer I was using before was unreliable. The second reason is their quality was better, and that's why I keep them!

Rick P.
Wildomar, CA

I'm very happy! He did a wonderful job.

The Detail Guy really did a great job. First of all, I'm busy Monday through Friday, so the fact he came out on a Sunday morning was great. He was a total professional about everything. He was in and out in about three hours. Even though there was a little more work involved than expected at first, he charged me the same price he had quoted at the start.

Conny D.
Murrieta, CA

I stand behind them!

The Detail Guy does a fantastic job on my car, number one. Secondly, everyone there cooperates with me and with my schedule. They take notice of my time. This is why I've recommended them to people in my neighborhood!

Robert K.
Temecula, CA

Punctual and accommodating service. They leave your car looking great!

We have been using The Detail Guy for a little over a year. They do an excellent job taking care of our vehicles. They work in whatever situation, whether you ask them to come to your home or your office. The owner and his crew are very professional. They show up at the time they say they will, and they do a great job. All of our experiences have gone well so far.

If you go with The Detail Guy, you are going to get great, punctual service. They will leave your car looking good!